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When delving into the features of the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card, it’s essential to unravel its unique offerings. Tailored for diverse user segments, ranging from travel enthusiasts to ultra-premium customers, the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card warrants an in-depth review to assess its overall value.

Type: Travel Credit Card

Reward Rate: 4% to 18%

Annual Fee: 5,000+GST

Best for: Direct Hotel & Airline Spends

USP: Tiered benefits based on spends

The recent facelift of the Axis Bank Atlas credit card has undoubtedly enhanced its appeal. With an increased regular reward rate and additional spend categories for accelerated rewards, this travel credit card stands out. Primarily designed for premium credit card users with a focus on travel, the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card has positioned itself as a noteworthy alternative to the Axis Magnus in 2024.

Axis Bank Atlas credit card Fees

Understanding the fee structure is a crucial aspect of any credit card review. The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card comes with a joining fee of 5,000 INR+GST, and its welcome benefit of 5,000 Edge Miles, valued at 10,000 INR, adds to its allure. The renewal fee, also at 5,000 INR+GST, coupled with attractive renewal benefits for different tiers, significantly contributes to making it a compelling choice for discerning users in this comprehensive Atlas Credit Card review.


Distinguishing itself from other Axis Credit Cards, the Axis Atlas earns “Edge Miles” instead of the conventional “Edge Rewards.” This unique miles balance is independent, reflecting on the Axis Edge Rewards account. In this Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card review, it’s evident that the reward rates, ranging from 4% to 18%, offer flexibility based on the type of spending.

Spend Type | Edge Miles | Reward Rate (Edge Rewards Portal) | Reward Rate (Points Transfer)

Regular Spends | 2 / 100 INR | 2% | ~4% Axis Travel Edge Portal | 5 / 100 INR | 5% | ~10% Airlines & Hotels (Direct) | 5 / 100 INR | 5% | ~10%

Unlike its counterparts, the Axis Atlas offers a variety of reward rates, providing flexibility based on the type of spending, a significant aspect highlighted in this Atlas Credit Card review.


Understanding the redemption options is crucial for maximizing the card’s benefits, as emphasized in this Atlas Credit Card review. The Axis Atlas Credit Card offers two broad options for redeeming Edge Miles:

  1. Redeem on Travel Edge portal (1:1 for flights/hotels)
  2. Transfer Edge miles to airline/hotel partners

While the Travel Edge portal provides a straightforward option with a static value, transferring points to airlines and hotels can yield better value. The transfer ratios vary, with airlines and most hotels at a 1:2 ratio, except for Marriott Bonvoy, which stands at 2:1.

Milestone Benefit

Meeting spend milestones with the Axis Atlas Credit Card comes with additional benefits, a crucial aspect covered in this Atlas Credit Card review, further enhancing its value proposition.

Spend Requirement | Milestone Benefit

3 Lakhs | 2,500 Edge Miles 7.5 Lakhs | 5,000 Edge Miles 15 Lakhs | 10,000 Edge Miles

Achieving regular spends of 15 Lakhs can result in 40,000 Edge miles, providing exceptional value and reward rates, a pivotal point emphasized in this Atlas Credit Card review.

Membership Tiers

The Axis Atlas Credit Card introduces a unique membership tier system based on annual spends, a distinctive feature discussed in this Atlas Credit Card review, offering additional perks with higher tiers.

Annual Spends | Membership Tier

< Rs. 7.5 lacs | Silver Rs. 7.5 lacs to Rs. 15 lacs | Gold Rs. 15 lacs & above | Platinum

These tiers unlock exclusive benefits, such as airport concierge services and luxury airport transfers, making it a standout feature in the credit card industry – a highlight in this Atlas Credit Card review.

Airport Services

One of the notable features of the Axis Atlas Credit Card, emphasized in this Atlas Credit Card review, is its comprehensive airport services, varying based on the membership tier.

Membership Tier | Airport Meet & Greet | Airport Transfer

Silver | – | – Gold | 2 | – Platinum | 4 | 2

Lounge access, another valuable perk, is tiered, covering both domestic and international visits.

Membership Tier | Domestic Visits | International Visits

Silver | 8 | 4 Gold | 12 | 6 Platinum | 18 | 12

The Axis Atlas Credit Card offers complimentary lounge access for both the primary cardholder and guests, providing a premium experience, a crucial aspect outlined in this Atlas Credit Card review.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card, as revealed in this Atlas Credit Card review, stands out as a fully loaded card within its fee range, offering experiences typically associated with ultra-premium credit cards. With a high spend potential, it provides significant rewards, making it a top choice for many users.

Do you have the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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